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The Witching Hour!

That time of day when everything seems to break loose at once. That hour and half at the end of the day when the children are tired of their own amusements and ready at once for some Mama attention and … Continue reading

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Shopping With The Mouse

Some people in my family have a shopping gene. They love to shop and some of them actually love to buy stuff. I didn’t get it. I shop with a list, I go to two or three stores where I … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wonder what goes on in my children’s minds! They are all fairly intelligent and information sticks in their minds like lint to velcro, but the remixing of the information into knowledge of how the world works can be…shall … Continue reading

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Rainy Summer: What To Do?

Around here we don’t really have winter. Sure, it snows occasionally but mostly we just have lots of wet, cold days. It’s OK at first, actually kind of nice after the heat of summer but after a while we start … Continue reading

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Too Lovely For Indoors

We played hooky a bunch this week. The weather finally got warm enough to be really nice (and then in typical Virginia fashion got hot and humid!). The children played and played. We went to a church softball game, had … Continue reading

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Jack: One Year Old

Yup! One year ago we had this: And now we have this: Happy Birthday Little Man! Pin It

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Eeyore Takes A Bath

Jack has a favorite stuffed animal that we call Eeyore. He’s small, just right for a toddler’s hands (although Jack usually carries him by holding his ears in his mouth) and made of worn and faded grey-blue terry cloth. He … Continue reading

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Bits Of Life

Lately we’ve been: hitting the neighborhood playground! Just a couple of blocks from our house it’s not our favorite but it is a change of scene. Working in the yard, and trying to make a play space that works for … Continue reading

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An Alternate Ending To Kipling’s Elephant’s Child

Backstory: The Just So Stories are a great favorite around here and the Elephant’s Child is probably the one we love the most. Bull thinks it’s very funny for me to pretend to be the crocodile and (gently) bite his … Continue reading

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Easter 2013

On this rainy Easter morning, I step outside to move my seedlings to their spot on the front porch for the day. The rain is dripping down steadily and I breathe deep. This is a spring rain and I haven’t … Continue reading

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