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Shopping With The Mouse

Some people in my family have a shopping gene. They love to shop and some of them actually love to buy stuff. I didn’t get it. I shop with a list, I go to two or three stores where I … Continue reading

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A Quick And Easy Dress For Mouse (Tutorial)

Mouse keeps growing and growing and I’m left scrambling to keep her in dresses ( it doesn’t help that she is a “full steam ahead” kind of a kid and it hard on clothes)! The other week I went fabric … Continue reading

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Extra Jobs

One thing that has been an ongoing struggle for us in training Mouse has been working with her tendency to dawdle or pretend that she can’t do something that we’ve asked her to do. We know she is pretending because … Continue reading

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An Evening At The Park

Earlier this week the weather was warm and nice. S had an evening meeting so after dinner the children and I went to the little park across the street. It is almost impossible to take still photos of the big … Continue reading

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Half As Many Preschoolers

This week is birthday week for Buggle and Mouse! He’ll turn 6 on Wednesday and she will be 5 on Friday. That’s right they are a year and a day apart except in a leap year! Suddenly I will only … Continue reading

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Does Grading Matter?

The other morning Mouse had a quiz in her music book. The boys were already done with school and playing together in the playroom and she wanted to be with them. She reacted in a typical Mouse way- her ability … Continue reading

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Unit Study: Explorers (More Marco Polo)

After stopping for a couple of weeks to adjust to some schedule changes (the big children now have two out-of-the-house classes every week) we picked back up with Explorers this past week! I’ve been reading aloud a biography of Marco … Continue reading

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First Days of Spring

The past several days have been pretty and warmish. Warm enough to tempt us all outside, even Jack got to play on the porch in the sun! I’ve adjusted the schedule to make room-time later by two hours which gives … Continue reading

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Engineering Problems

Toys seem to go through phases around here. Sometimes the only thing that is popular is the Legos, other weeks the children “cook” endlessly. Lately the thing that has been popular is blocks. Bull started it. I showed him how … Continue reading

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Egg Drop!

Last Sunday I took the two big children to the Science Museum for the annual Egg Drop Contest. There were about 40 kids participating in middle and high school with judges from the local Engineering school some of whom also … Continue reading

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