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Finding His Conscience

Lately the four year old, Jack, has been becoming very distraught when told he did something naughty. There have been tears and tantrums, and throwing toys over consequences like sitting for four minutes that he used to just calmly do. … Continue reading

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Free Time or Free For All?

  Free time is an enormous benefit if homeschooling. Play and creative endeavor help make children well rounded and are an important part of the “whole child” approach to education. By providing ample free time I am giving my children … Continue reading

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Using Homework to Encourage Hard Work (Or Why I Have No Reason to Fuss At My Dawdlers)

  This past fall we started participating in a small co-op. It meets once per week and I teach Science and Latin. The three school age children take classes and Jack and Daisy hang out with friends (although Daisy usually … Continue reading

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Just Relax (A Parenting Lesson Learned)

  I’m an uptight person. I like things to go according to schedule. I like plans to work out exactly. And I have five kids.   In my early parenting years, I was in a church situation and environment that … Continue reading

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Small Bites

Our school year is much, much busier than in previous years. Everyone except Daisy is taking at least one dance class, Buggle and Mouse have choir, and we all go to co-op on Wednesdays. I’m teaching two Science classes and … Continue reading

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Time Management

Looking at the calendar the other day and realized that we only have about six weeks at home before we start school again along with fall activities. I say “at home” because we have a wedding to travel to at … Continue reading

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Kind Is Just A Word

A friend of mine and I were at the playground and two of the children got into a spat. “She did this!” “He started it!” “It was her fault!” “Were you being kind?” I asked. “Yes!” they answered each caught … Continue reading

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Keep Pushing Ahead

One of the tricky things for me to balance as the children’s mother and teacher is where I should deal with attitude issues. My preference is for school not to be a time when I discipline, but if there are … Continue reading

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Mouse’s Marvelous Medical Misadventures! (Part 1)

I said Part 1 because I am quite certain that yesterday was not the last time she will end up in the ER! On the way home from church yesterday we stopped to chat with a neighbor. They were just … Continue reading

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Tree Frog

F and Su had their first overnight visit with Grandma and Grandaddy (my parents) this week. They had a great time and behaved themselves (not always the same thing). Su came home and told S that she had seen a … Continue reading

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