The British Are Coming! (Win a Pass to the HEAV Convention!)

We took a trip to Boston, this past week.  Since we’re on our summer schedule (two hours of schoolwork, two hours of household work and projects, and free time and expeditions for the rest of the day), I’m trying to do some of the field trips for next year’s History studies.  We don’t really like to go anywhere when the weather is crummy in the winter, so summer is the time to gather experiences.

Anyway, taking five children to the big city is a bit daunting, so S took a day off of work to come with us since he had been to Boston and seen many of the sites.

The big three have read about Paul Revere and the Sons of Liberty so they were all excited to see some of the place where their books had taken place.

This is pretty typical of an expedition that includes Bull! Everyone else stands around in a boring manner and he brings the excitement!

This is pretty typical of an expedition that includes Bull! Everyone else stands around in a boring manner and he brings the excitement!

Jack and Daisy were thrilled to be going to the Public Gardens to see the Mallards and the Swan Boats. Since this was the week between their birthdays, we took a ride on the Swan Boat.

Asking the driver how she steers and propels the boat.

Asking the driver how she steers and propels the boat.



There were plenty of mallards, a pair of swans, and a nesting Canada Goose on the pond.

There were plenty of mallards, a pair of swans, and a nesting Canada Goose on the pond.


We spent about five hours tramping around the city, although we did take the metro at one point in order to save Jack’s legs which were getting tired. His siblings were pretty willing to carry him for a bit too.


This trip was not only a chance to see Boston but also a bit of a dry run for the field trips I’m planning when we travel to Virginia for the HEAV Homeschool Convention in just a few weeks. Since we’ll be in an area where so much Revolutionary and Civil War history is preserved I’m planning several days of visits to historical sites.

And as I do every year, I’m giving away a Family Pass to the HEAV Convention!


Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment on this post with an idea for a field trip near Richmond or Williamsburg.
2. Like the Facebook page for Sticks, Stones, and Chicken Bones and comment there with a field trip idea.
3. Join the Facebook Group for Sticks, Stones, and Chicken Bones and leave a field trip idea in the group

I’ll keep track of the likes etc. and Daisy will pull a name out of a hat on May 25th! Good luck!

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21 Responses to The British Are Coming! (Win a Pass to the HEAV Convention!)

  1. Amy Fields says:

    The arc park! There is so much to do there and it’s accessible to all children. What a great time to interact with a wide range of kids.

  2. Sarah says:

    You will not regret Colonial Williamsburg! SO much fun! If you have time, Jamestown and Yorktown are wonderful too. While in the “historic triangle”, hit Mid Country Park for a fun playground break. Right around the corner you could also snag some Duck’s Donuts. Also educational, since you can watch them making the donuts too, right?! 😉

  3. Shanee says:

    In richmond, you have to visit Maymont park. Pack a picnic lunch and visit their Nature center. See the animals in the farm park. Relax in the Japanese Gardens.

  4. Tricia Morris says:

    Washington, DC. The museums are free. And, full of a ton of great learning and fun.

  5. Emily says:

    Jamestown is a must!!

  6. Susan Gaunce says:

    So much great history in your backyard here!! There is the confederace museum in downtown Richmond that is adjacent to the “white house of the confederace”. Appomattox Courthouse where General Lee Surrenderd is not a far drive. Not sure of
    Timing of your visit (like before/after convention) but on Patrick Henry’s birthday May 28th St Johns Church does a reinactment of his famous Give Me Liberty speech! Enjoy! love the history here 🙂

  7. Delia Jones says:

    We just did a field trip to Hollywood cemetery. It was neat- plenty of history there, also quite beautiful.

  8. Rachel Lewis says:

    I second Jamestown!

  9. Davida Thompson says:

    If you travel a little further south of Williamsburg to Newport News, the Virginia Living Museum is a wonderful place to learn about wildlife. They also have hiking paths on the premises.

  10. Julia Masse says:

    If you are able, a great place to stay while you visit to Colonial Williamsburg is the Historic Powhatan Resort. It also has a rich Colonial history & you are able to tour the restored Manor house that is on site. They even have a Groupon right now but I’m not sure how to post the link here. Our family loves Colonial Williamsburg as there is so much to do. And you can travel on the streets & some shops without purchasing a ticket. Tickets are only needed to go into the buildings.

  11. Lynne Jennings says:

    Fort Monroe Casemate museum is great!

  12. Karen Wright says:

    In Richmond, visit St. John’s Episcopal church where Patrick Henry gave his famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech during the Second Virginia Conventionheld inside St. John’s Church. There are free historical reenactments of the speech on Sunday afternoons. Holders of free tickets get first seating.

    Also, can visit:
    the Virginia Holocaust Museum (free entry)
    the American Civil War Museum at Historic Tredegar Iron Works

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  14. Donna Jean says:

    In Williamsburg there is a playground called Kidsburg that Ryan took the kids to last weekend and they said it was really nice. And you can’t beat a stroll around Colonial Williamsburg, even if you don’t pay to go into everything.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I live in Yorktown so I would recommend the new revolutionary museum. It is so cool inside and the outdoor part has a lot of hands on things for the kids.

  16. Rebecca Young says:

    We love going to the meadery and learning about honey and bees! We also like to check out the farmers market for good food and healthy options.

  17. Lisa Guidry says:

    Our favorite field trip is to D.C. So much to do!

  18. Melissa Landini says:

    Yorktown/Jamestown combo

  19. Laura Forsythe says:

    We love Yorktown. Their parking garage is free. There is a museum as well as many things to see throughout the town, such as cannon balls stuck in the side of homes. After that you can relax on the beach or go crabbing off the pier. It is on the bay, so no waves, but I prefer that with small children. Only about 10 minutes from Williamsburg and much more enjoyable than the long drive to VA Beach.

  20. Hope Hamer says:

    There are several plantations on Route 5 between Richmond and Williamsburg to visit.

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