3 A Day Rotation: 15 Minute Housekeeping

The other day my clean three rooms for 15 minutes each went so well, that I decided to make a rotation schedule for our whole house and follow it for four weeks. I’ll be reporting in each week on how things have gone and what changes I’ve made. Today I’m just laying out my plan and the context of the project.

We have eight cleaning areas in our house:

  • Living/Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Utility/Mud Room
  • Bathroom
  • Office/Schoolroom
  • Children’s Room
  • Parents’ Room
  • Backyard

I have to clean the kitchen on Monday and Wednesday, because of our weekly open house on Tuesday nights. I like to have a clean kitchen to start with on Tuesday morning and since the open house often runs late I usually end up with at least some clean-up the following day.

For the rest of the rooms I’ve just followed through a list from one day to the next and begun it again whenever I came to the end.

What I’ve ended up with is this:

Here's my proposed 3 a Day Cleaning Rotation

a four week rotation in which most rooms are cleaned twice a week and no cleaning is supposed to take more than fifteen minutes.

Now in order to make that work I decided to make a list of no more than eight items for each room.

Here is my list for each room.

The items in blue are what I expect to assign to the children.

That’s the plan folks! I let you know how it turns out…


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  1. Kay Malone says:

    When I first read the title, I thought it meant the rooms would stay clean for 15 minutes! Glad to know that was not the idea. I can walk thru a perfectly straightened up room and coming back thru–it is messy. This schedule will give me hope!

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