A Brief Glimpse

I walked out to the front garden this morning and found this:

The first cucumber of the year! Everyone gets a couple of bites.

As long as I had the camera out I took a few pictures of the front garden. I expect things to really be blooming in a week or so…

The right side of the garden. The tall things by the railing are Jerusalem Artichokes which are almost as tall as I am!

Left side of the garden. Peppers and Eggplant in the middle, herbs and flowers in front, and green beans growing up the porch.

Plenty of green tomatoes

When will they ripen?

Other things are growing too!

Not a newborn anymore- Baby J at three weeks

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  1. The first fruits of the season are the best! Look forward to harvesting our first fruits someday soon. 🙂 (stopping by from HSV Garden Challenge)

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