A New Week

After last week which began with W spending two days cranky and congested with allergies and ended with him hitting his head and being taken to the doctor, I’m almost afraid to plan this week at all! I have to though not only because I am much happier with a plan, but also because this is Holy Week and will culminate in three evening services, the bishop’s visit during the Great Vigil on Saturday and our annual Easter Feast on Sunday afternoon (which looks like about 45 people at the moment)!

I think I love Easter more than Christmas. At least in part this is psychological- since winter and dark, cold days and my mood don’t do real well together and I always feel renewed and refreshed as the weather warms and things begin to grow. Part of my love of Easter thought comes from the sense of renewal and rejoicing that we celebrate during the Festival itself and on through the 50 days until Ascension. All of that focus on God’s great work in the world- His provision of healing equips me for the long, hot summer and fall until the liturgical year begins again at Advent.

Finishing out extraordinary time with joy, feasts and celebration, gives energy to ordinary time that helps me to focus on accomplishing tasks without losing sight of the important things in life.

This week I am looking forward to beginning a season of celebration by first walking through the darkness of the world and of my own soul to the glorious day of the healing work of God!

Saints and Scripture Sunday

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2 Responses to A New Week

  1. Dianna says:

    Oh, I can certainly relate to the Easter/Christmas comparison. I love your reminder that Easter KEEPS on going, all the way through to the Ascension. Like you, I much prefer sunny spring days to gloomy cold winter.

    One would think that we’d be able to slow down more, in the Easter and Lent season, as opposed to all the hustle and bustle of Christmas. For me, it’s been just as busy and crazy! Argh!

    Thanks for coming by and sharing! Hope you are doing well!!

    • K_Steinmann says:

      I’m starting to slow down a bit as #4 ‘s birth gets closer. Easter is our last big thing to do before then, so I’ll be running around a bit this week but then things should get easier…K

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