A Word of Encouragement


Recently I had the opportunity to attend and participate in a “How To Get Started Homeschooling” workshop organized by my local support group. I was there to learn and make some connections but ended up being asked to sit on the panel as they needed someone who could answer special needs questions. Kind of intimidating as all of the other panelists has more children and way more experience than I!

Anyway at one point the moderator asked if we would each share something that we had been told when starting our homeschool journey that we found to be a continuing help and encouragement. Here’s what I would say:


That’s it. Just take a deep breath, make a cup of tea and sit on the couch. Don’t start making lesson plans, don’t pick up a project, don’t start reading aloud to the toddler. RELAX

You were created to need rest and relaxation.


Yes, there’s something you could be doing some of which you might even find relaxing (knitting anyone?) but the truth is that sometimes you need to just sit and be.

This homeschooling-raising-kids-being-a-good-wife-and-neighbor thing’s success isn’t up to us anyway! Most of the things you and I are worrying about are beyond our control anyway, let them rest in the hand of the Father, take a deep breath and sit still.

Now relaxing can slide into laziness quite quickly, there’s no doubt! The solution for that is not no relaxation! The solution is reaching out for grace. Grace to work and teach, organize and disciple, and grace to sit still and let it all wait.

Seasons aren’t just the changes between having mostly littles and starting to have bigs, they are also the times of busy and the times of rest from busy.

RELAX my friends and teach your children to RELAX. REST and teach your children to REST (not just nap although I LOVE naptime!).

You don’t have a complete handle on everything, and you can’t make up for a broken world by refusing to rest. Lean on the Father and be still and RELAX in the knowledge that it is all in his hands!

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2 Responses to A Word of Encouragement

  1. Kendra says:

    This is good. I have plenty of lazy or distracted downtime, but very little time in which I just Be Still. A quiet heart & mind takes considerable discipline and practice, I find, but it really is crucial! And an aid towards a productive life.

  2. Gentle Joy says:

    That is good advice……..thank you. Gentle Joy

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