Yesterday I did two things I’ve never done before…..

I went to a mall (I’ve done that before) and bought two new pairs of shoes! I spent $100 on them and I’m still cringing…actually I’ve been cringing over these for at least a year. I know I’ll where them all the time as I had a pair like this that I wore all through college. They were in the budget. It’s just that I generally make my clothes and Su’s and much of what the boys wear comes from thrift stores so these seem very expensive.

Afterwards I met Anne Conder and her family in Williamsburg for an afternoon of fellowship and historical touring. They were doing a family trip to the East Coast and I was so glad to be able to meet up with them and show them some of my part of the world!

I had all the children with me and they did so well! F and Su just joined up with Anne’s children (in fact Su got lots of cuddles from Anne’s daughter, Rebekah). We did a quick walk around Colonial Williamsburg to see the highlights, then went down to Jamestown and watched the glassblowers. F and W were fascinated by that and F managed to position himself where he could watch and ask the closest glassblower lots of questions!

All four children fell asleep on the way back to Richmond, just enough of a nap to be awake to tell S all about it. I was very encouraged by how easy it was to take them on an expedition of this sort solo and by how much of what they saw they remembered!

I didn’t take the camera figuring that my hands would be too full, so visit Anne’s blog for pictures!

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  1. So happy that you and I both got to see her IRL while she was in town!!! Now for you and I to get together!!!

    • K_Steinmann says:

      How about next week? The big two will be taking classes at Maymont every morning so I’ll be pretty free between 9:30 and 11:45. I’m potty training so you’d have to come here…K

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