After My Break

So here I am- after six weeks off and lots of busyness, ready to begin regularly posting again. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the blog and its direction(s), a lot of thought on how much time I have to give a blog right now and a lot of work into tweaking our schedule to allow for blogging, homeschooling, homemaking, outreach and just living!

Here’s where I am:

  • I will be posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next while (probably until Christmas when I’ll re-evaluate). A three days a week posting schedule is something I can keep up with.
  • I’ll be guest posting twice a month on the Home Educators Association of Virginia blog. That will be first and third Tuesdays and I’ll link from here so that you all can find those posts as well. There’s a small group of wonderful ladies (many with much more experience than I) who are posting over there now, so I encourage you to follow that blog.
  • I’ll continue to use the Sticks, Stones and Chicken Bones Facebook page for snapshots of our days, organizing events for local homeschoolers, highlighting articles I’ve found helpful or thought provoking, so follow the page if you want to join those discussions.
  • As for an update:

    Buggle just finished second grade last week and is on to third! A major focus will be learning to work more independently. My goal is that by fourth grade (a year from now) he’ll be coming to me for new concepts but doing almost all of his work on his own. He has a couple of new subjects now: Phonics has been replaced by English (we’ll be doing one week of grammar and one week of writing and dictation), and we’re doing Apologia’s new Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics (I’ll be doing a review soon). For foreign language he has German (his choice) and I’m looking at adding Latin in the spring. His current project is building a house from scrap boards in the backyard. He’s putting a lot of effort in so we’ll see how that turns out!

    Mouse is about halfway through second grade. She is making the transition from having me keep her on task to keeping herself on task. That’s really tough for her so school has been a bit of a battle lately. Self-direction is such an important skill though that we are just working through and I’m trying to remember to encourage her with short enough tasks that she can be successful rather than fussing.

    Bull has started speech therapy twice a week. He loves the focused attention and we are seeing some improvements in articulation. He is working through his preschool books and since we are focusing so much on sounds in order to help his speech I think he may be starting to put the concepts of reading together!

    Jack is almost walking. He climbs everything and yells “Mama” at every opportunity. He tries to do everything the big children do which is sometimes hilarious and sometimes disastrous!

    So far it’s been a good fall just busy!

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