Ahh…A Little Silence

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I have so much to say and think about I thought I’d just pop in a short post whet your appetites…

  • Recently (last weekend) attended the annual homeschool convention put on by our state organization. After two days of looking at materials, purchasing materials and going to workshops I’m excited about our next “year” of school but I have a lot of work to do!
  • Our new six week session was supposed to start yesterday, but ended up really starting today as I was worn out from convention and ended up having to go to the doctor for a breast infection. Yikes! Hope I never have another one of those! I’m much better- thanks to antibiotics and S’s care (including insisting that I go to doctor over my “I don’t have time for this.”).
  • Garden is coming along nicely. We’ve gotten four tomatoes and four cucumbers so far but and there are plenty of young eggplant and peppers waiting to ripen. The crazy pole beans are all over the porch railing and are blooming away so hopefully there’ll be beans in a few weeks.
  • We started a new schedule that includes going to our neighborhood playground every morning for an hour. Unless it’s raining too hard for Baby J we go, then come home and do school. I’m really loving this latest version of the schedule and will post more.
  • I know there’s much more I could say but I need to go make a couple of phone calls before hitting the farmer’s market…K

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