Ahhhh or Maybe AHHHHHH!

If you wonder why I’ve been absent for several weeks, the answer is simple. I’ve been doing a massive clean and re-organize the house and I have literally had no brain power for anything else. No schooling, no writing, no sewing, hardly even conversation!

This weekend though the last of the really heavy lifting got done and tomorrow I intend to go back to our regular routine, with this project getting finished up in the in between moments and “Mama works on a project” parts of my day.

I think I have been through every closet, drawer and box in the past couple of weeks. Many things have been donated or discarded, a good bit of stuff has been moved to our storage unit, and one large freezer has been moved to a friend’s garage where we can both use it and there is a generator in case of a power failure.

Along the way I have become even more convinced that certain items breed and reproduce when put into a cupboard or on a shelf.

Mugs are a good example. Some of the cupboards in the kitchen are high and hard for me to reach so when we moved in two years ago I put a few extra mugs in them. This week when I went through those cupboards I found that the 1/2 dozen or so mugs I remembered had multiplied into about 16 extra mugs!

Rags do this too, and papers, and sewing supplies, and books….and clothes….

I’ve actually been taking pictures as I go, and will do some actual posts on what I’ve been doing, as well as a couple of new routines that seem like they’ll work well for us. This includes one for the laundry which I read about on someone else’s blog (and can’t remember where I was reading so I suspect it was a link off of a link), which is resulting in the laundry getting folded and put away routinely!!!

I still have a few things to do downstairs, and I need to go through the boys’ room, and my own but both of those can be done in an afternoon.

Net result of turning the place upside-down? A new play-space for the children, toys out of the living room, and (hopefully) an in-general-tidier house with less clutter….

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