Always Winter

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I am feeling rather Narnia-ish as I watch the snow begin to fall again. We live in the south, and snow in the last week of March (Holy Week no less!) is kind of nuts! Anyway that line about it always being winter and never Christmas came into my head and I started thinking “What about Spring? Christmas is very nice and I understand the importance of celebration, but seriously, how did the Narnians feed themselves?”

For all that the White Witch was able to magic up Turkish Delight for Edmund, she doesn’t seem to have been the sort to worry about feeding her population, but they certainly seem to have had plenty to eat. Did they import food from Archenland? Maybe they had a “winter sports tourist trade”!

I know. It’s a fairy-tale and the details of the economy are really immaterial to the story but I’m curious ( and I can totally see Buggle asking this same question when he reads “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” for the first time).

And I do know that Spring is actually on its way and not so far away either. In fact the snow ,falling so industriously, is melting as fast as it hits the ground. It will all be gone in a day or two and I can get back to beautifying the yard and planting the garden. I just need a little more patience and a little more hope!

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4 Responses to Always Winter

  1. I read that book to my niece and my older son years ago, when we were all living w/ my sister. The children and I decided to make Turkish delight after finishing the book, and YUCK!

  2. Kendra says:

    Yeah, but this was magic Turkish Delight, so probably it was Perfection. 🙂 I actually have some in my cupboard right now – rose and almond flavors – that Dad gave me for Christmas (um, a year ago…), and Renita and I may end up polishing it off when she comes to visit next week. As she said, EEEEK *happy jig* 😀

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