Art History Outings At The VMFA

One of the things I’ve wanted to do for some time, but haven’t managed to work up the courage to do, is to take the children to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. It’s free, it’s ten minutes from here and it has a quite extensive collection!

This year I decided that the thing to do was to incorporate those outings into our monthly schedule and to invite others to join us, which would force me to keep the appointment I had made!

With that in mind I looked for art materials at the HEAV convention and found several including a timeline book with stickers for the various periods and a book with art projects based on the techniques and materials of famous artists throughout history!

Since Tuesdays are already our unit study day, I chose the second Tuesday of each month for the event and posted it on Facebook and our local homeschool list. There were a number of interested people and I’m really looking forward to putting this together. I’ve added an Events plug-in to the site (or rather my awesome tech support did!) so that people can sign up to come to the event right here and I’ll be providing materials for download to accompany our expeditions.

The dates and topics are listed on the event and families can participate on some or all of them as schedules allow.



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7 Responses to Art History Outings At The VMFA

  1. Laurie says:

    Hi Kyndra,
    Thank you for sharing this opportunity. I homeschool my 4 girls (ages 9-13). We have always wanted to visit VMFA, but have never made it. I know you are planning on the second Tuesday of every month, will it be the same time each month? I am hoping we will be able to join you. Is there any particular unit study I can look up and print for the girls to use as a reference or worksheet? Thanks again


    • K_Steinmann says:

      Yes, we will be at the same time each month.

      I’m planning to provide some materials for the museum visit itself, they will be downloadable from my site. I’m using a variety of books and materials and plan to put up a post about what I’m using for what on Monday….K

  2. Karis says:

    I am planning to attend your VMFA art history experience. We are really looking forward to it, as I am also looking forward to peeking into your mind a bit more. I came to your curriculum panel and will continue to look for opportunities to share your journey and experiences.
    P.S. I did respond on facebook and would like to remind that we will be in Michigan for the first meeting. Sad to miss it though!

  3. Shauna says:

    We’d love to join in! Ben, 11; Nick, 9 & Elyse, 6.

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