August Goals: 3 In 30 Challenge

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Well another month has flown by and it’s time to re-evaluate and figure out what I’m doing next. Yesterday I sat down and planned out a good bit of our second session of school which will start at the end of August and was pleased to see that even with some interruptions and unplanned events we are going to finish this session where I thought we would….

So here’s a recap of July:

Physical: I haven’t been doing any walking, but we have been biking most weekends. I got a new (hopefully more comfortable) seat for my bike yesterday so I’m hoping to do more biking. I have been doing a lot more stretching which is definitely good for my back.

New Goal: Spend 15 minutes each day stretching and using my hand weights. Bike twice a week.

Spiritual: I’m still having trouble getting much personal devotions done. S’s work schedule has changed enough that he can have family devotions together with us in the morning, but I think I need to stop trying to fit my own reading into my morning hour and instead read and pray after the children are down for naps….

New Goal: Spend time reading and praying during the first hour the children are napping.

Household: The laundry is going much better so I think I can move on to another area I find difficult- cleaning up the kitchen at night. It seems like I just have no energy to do that by the time the children are in bed and S and I have eaten our dinner. Starting the next day with a messy kitchen just makes me feel behind all day- so I know I need to do the cleaning at night…

New Goal: Clear the table and the island and wipe them before bed. That’s about half of? the kitchen cleaning but if I can get that down it’ll be a step in the right direction…


School: Finish this session and plan the next one.

Personal: Finish one sewing project and one writing project from my list.

And yes, I know that that is five goals not three but those are the categories of my life so I like to goal set in each one…

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7 Responses to August Goals: 3 In 30 Challenge

  1. Sam says:

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. A good bike seat is a must! lol. Some great manageable goals, good luck with all of them. I struggle with the kitchen too. But it is so great in the morning to wake up to a clean kitchen!

  3. Shawntele says:

    Those are great goals! Having a clean kitchen when you wake up in the morning is the best way to start the day, for sure. Good luck!

  4. K_Steinmann says:

    Well, a clean kitchen certainly makes me happier. Especially on Tuesdays when we host a weekly dinner open house with an average of a dozen people plus us! It’s much easier to cook/be inspired about cooking when I don’t have to clear a mess first…K

  5. April says:

    Just started 3 in 30 – I really like that your goals are a work in progress. It’s not about starting and finishing, but starting and them moving forward. I agree the kitchen is a hassle, but having it clean in the morning sure stars the day off right. Good luck!

    Visiting and now following…


  6. K_Steinmann says:

    Thanks, April. 3in30 is basically an organizational scheme for me, that reminds me to check and measure what I’m doing. I spent a number of years in small business and somehow that set goals, measure, evaluate, reset thing just keeps cropping up in my life….K

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