Been Busy

When life gets crazy one of the first things to go around here is blog posts. This doesn’t mean I don’t keep writing in my head…I just have had too many things to accomplish on the computer during the little window of computer time I have each day.

The last three weeks of August saw us out of town every weekend for several days and the packing/unpacking and the laundry happening between took more time than I wanted them to. Ah, well, we’re back now and I can get into the swing of things once more.

We’ve picked back up with school and I’ve made some adjustments in order to keep things moving forward (and more importantly make it obvious to me that they are moving forward)! Look for more on that subject in the future.

I’ve also started a major writing project which I hope to share with you in a few weeks. Until then just ask yourselves what these things have in common:

  • the creation story
  • worship
  • physics
  • Otherwise everyone is growing. W is being potty-trained and J has learned to roll over. Cool weather is on its way and with it more creative energy and more time (I hope) for writing….K

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