Benefitting from the Homeschool Convention Part Two

Now that I have some idea of what I need to look at I’m ready to head over to the convention website and make a plan of attack. I have a babysitter for the whole day, but I love curriculum and I know how easily I can a: get sidetracked and b: overspend.

So looking at the schedule I don’t see any workshops that I want to attend until mid-afternoon. I’m not sure what time I’ll get into the use curriculum sale so I’ll have to adjust this once I find out when that is..

My plan at the moment is:

9 am Arrive, find parking and finish registering

9:30 Take a swing through the exhibit hall and write down the locations of the vendors I want to see. I’ve already been checking the vendor list online to see whose coming so I have some idea of who to look for.

10:00 Sit down somewhere and look at that list, break it down by subject.

10:15 Start looking at Science materials

11:00 Switch from looking at Science materials to looking at Foreign Language Materials

11:45 Find a place to sit down, eat lunch and look at my notes

12:15 Back to the Exhibit Hall to look at biographies, History, and Geography materials

1:30 Either go to a workshop or look at Math manipulatives

2:30 Out of the workshop if I went 1/2 hour to look at whatever I want before going to another workshop at

3:00 Workshop

4:00 Finish up shopping and come home.


Wow! that looks exhausting already….

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3 Responses to Benefitting from the Homeschool Convention Part Two

  1. Linda says:

    You didn’t schedule in time to catch up with old friends! That part always threw off the rest of my schedule. 🙂

    • K_Steinmann says:

      Well, it’s been so long since I moved in these circles I’m not really expecting to see any! That is a good point though…K

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