Bits Of Life

Jack is so big!

Lately we’ve been:

  • hitting the neighborhood playground! Just a couple of blocks from our house it’s not our favorite but it is a change of scene.
  • Working in the yard, and trying to make a play space that works for all four children and accommodates my garden
  • Working down at the community garden. There are all new raised beds that have to be filled with dirt and filling wheelbarrows with dirt is a good tiring expedition for a houseful of boys. Mouse prefers to spend her time picking all the dandelions she can find (weed control).
  • Reading and reading. The two big children are working on The Little House in The Big Woods series, I’ve been reading books on homeschooling and child-rearing (reviews to come) and Bull is on a construction kick because of the house being built on our street and wants Harry Builds a House every day!
  • Beginning to finish some school subjects! Buggle has finished his Music theory for the year and Mouse has about six pages left in hers. He has finished his first grade Penmanship and is now ready to start learning cursive which he’s very excited about
  • Finally gotten back to listening to German CD’s at nap-time again. I’ve had some technical difficulties which have now been solved, thanks to a friend’s gift of external speakers for the computer upstairs. I can now play the CD up there without blasting the sound all over the house!
  • Taking gym classes at the JCC. Boys have an introduction to sports on Wednesdays while Mouse has ballet. She is head and shoulders taller than anyone in the class, but seems to be enjoying it and is much more aware of her body even after just a few weeks!
  • Still trying to get up early in the morning for a little peace and quiet, prayer and reading. Unfortunately Jack has discovered that he likes to get up early too! Sometimes he’ll play quietly by himself but often he wants to have company- and Mama’s company is best!
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