Brief Update

It happened again. The first trimester ended and like a switch flipping suddenly my energy returned. Yesterday was the first day in several months that I haven’t desperately needed a nap by 12:30 pm and since nap-time is usually my blogging time I suddenly have the mental and physical energy to blog again. Crazy!

So yes, I’ve been absent for almost a month mostly because I haven’t been able to format any thoughts beyond what’s for dinner…

And yes, we are expecting our fourth child in May…No, we don’t (and won’t) know what we’re having and no, we haven’t told the children and won’t for a while yet….

In other news:

I’m starting to write regularly for 3in30 and will be guest posting there on November 8th on the subject of using goal setting as a training tool for preschoolers.

S and I will be giving a talk at a local church on the 16th of this month on the subject of integrating life and faith and particularly bringing family and church community life into a closer partnership. It’s a topic we are both interested in and have spent some time thinking about.

I have been doing a fair bit of reading in the past month and will have more on that subject as well as updates on schooling, housekeeping, cooking with preschoolers and more.

It’s good to be back!

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