Busy, Busy …..

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The past couple of weeks have been a little nuts! Last week we had something going on 5 out of 7 nights and this week we had something two nights plus the children’s gym class started up again and Bull finally started back of with speech therapy!

Also there is a new craze among the children for making tents and playing Indians, which is an extremely untidy game requiring extra time for clean-up which is hard to find when we need to leave for some activity!

Some things have just had to slide and now I need to get them back in shape again!

Today will be a school day- we have managed to consistently have school through this time and are currently only behind on science which we should make up this week and next!!!I’m so happy about this as my tendency when we get busy is to find all kinds of excuses to curl up with a book or the web instead of doing whatever the next thing in the schedule is. Grace is so wonderful.

After school I’ll set my timer for twenty minutes and work on a section of the house. Mostly things need to be carried back to their proper homes and I need to vacuum and deal with some baking pans. Oh, and clean the glass out of the oven from the pie plate I broke Tuesday night. Putting an empty pie plate in the oven, preheating the oven, and then pouring water into the pie plate to steam your bread has a rather spectacular result!

Twenty minutes of general tidying with the children running things back to the right rooms/places, twenty minutes of folding and putting away laundry, and twenty minutes on the kitchen should make a big difference.

And those twenty minute stints should mean that tomorrow I’ll actually have the brain space to write the posts in my head!

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  1. thinking of you…miss you

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