Busy Days

This past week seems to have flown by. The three oldest children started new PE classes on Wednesdays and Fridays (Ballet for Mouse on Wednesdays, while the boys take a kind of introduction to sports with balls, then Yoga for the bigs on Friday while Bull take an introduction to gymnastics class that he refers to as “My jumping class”). Thursday some friends came over to sew and visit and one of them loaned me her Serger so I’ve been spending a good bit of time experimenting with that and making a big stack of bibs for Jack and Bull.

Friday night S had a catering gig with a friend of ours and didn’t get home until midnight so he spent most of Saturday catching up on sleep! The weather was decent so the children and I made a trip to Lowes and spent most of the day in the yard. I took the old wading pool and filled it with gravel for the little boys to play with, Jack in particular approved and spent at least half an hour contentedly dropping gravel into an old coffee can. Buggle found a piece of rope and spent most of his morning experimenting with it. He strung it through the tree, attached a brick to it and lifted the brick to the top of the playhouse, then had his siblings put on their bike helmets in case they fell so he could attempt to lift them as well! I definitely need to get him some pulleys to experiment with!

I transplanted some seedlings into bigger pots, planted out some brocolli and brussel sprouts, and devised a makeshift cold frame over part of the back garden as we are supposed to have snow showers on Monday and Tuesday and maybe even some accumulation!

This week we have something going every night and I’ve declared a partial Spring Break from school so we can concentrate on cleaning house and getting ready for our annual Easter Feast on Sunday. So far it looks like we’ll have about thirty people and a good number of them are children so I’m really hoping the weather will cooperate and we can use the back patio and yard.

Today there is snow on the ground and the children have been out and are back in already. I’m getting ready to do some housework and finish a couple of sewing projects. So hoping that this snow is really the last of winter for us!

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2 Responses to Busy Days

  1. Wow – you are busy. How did the cold frame work out with the snow? I am living in PA right now and would love to start planting, but it was cold through the end of May last year. How did you build it?

    • K_Steinmann says:

      The cold frame seems to have survived. It’s quite muddy out there so I haven’t ventured out but it looks OK from the back door. It doesn’t get super cold this time of year in VA so this was very simple four long poles leaned up against the fence between our yard and the neighbor with plastic draped over it and stapled down to poles and the ends weighted with bricks. The fence side is open but I have peas and cold hardy brassicas in there so as long as it stays above 30F all should be OK…K

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