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How To Get To Know Your Neighbors

1. Have several young children 2. Make sure that they are curious about everything and not shy about asking questions 3. Allow them to play in the front of the house and ride their bikes up and down the sidewalk … Continue reading

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Encouraging An Interest You Don’t Share (and that makes a mess!)

Mouse is creative in the artistic sense. She loves to make things to pretty up the house. She cares about clothes and what looks “cute”. She wants lotions and soaps that smell nice. She also loves bones,the workings of the … Continue reading

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Bearing One Another’s Burdens

The other day I saw a comment online about “chasing the little ones while they squeal and you pretend you enjoy it.” and I thought how sad to have to pretend to enjoy one’s children. Then I thought “Isn’t enjoying … Continue reading

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A Word of Encouragement

Recently I had the opportunity to attend and participate in a “How To Get Started Homeschooling” workshop organized by my local support group. I was there to learn and make some connections but ended up being asked to sit on … Continue reading

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Showing Up

The other night I attended a Mom’s Night Out event sponsored by my local homeschool group. I went because having just moved to a new state and town I wanted to get to know some of the local homeschoolers (for … Continue reading

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One of the hardest things in a family with many littles is figuring out how to incorporate everyone into the work of the household. It?s not too hard to train the oldest ones but then the littler ones want to … Continue reading

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Talking with someone the other day and she asked me “Do you think you’ll have more children?” “Jack’s not a baby anymore.” I said. “But you’re so busy and the children are so wearying. Do you really think you should? … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring!

Right about this time of year, I am ready to start planting things. Generally the weather tantalizes me with a few nice days and then returns to winter grey and cold. When that happened this year I decided to do … Continue reading

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It Gets Easier

A year or so ago when W was approaching his second birthday and I was just entering my second trimester with J, I really wondered what it would be like to have four small children. Now I know. It has … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Love

Just a few little thoughts from the preaching today: When we act are we acting to pass on the full measure of the mercy we have received? Are we obeying out of a sense of duty or out of the … Continue reading

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