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The Faithful Word

This morning I was printing out materials for our next six weeks of school (we use a year round six on/one off school schedule) and one of the things I was working on was preparing memory verse coloring sheets for … Continue reading

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Today is Creating Thursday again, so please join in with your comments and opinions! It hit me the other day. I need to think about what kinds of memories are being created each day. Not just the specific memories (I … Continue reading

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Ten Ways To Help Preschoolers Participate in Church

Although some weeks don’t always go as well as others, the big kinder really do pretty well with sitting in and participating in church. They know that church is important for them too and not just something that we do … Continue reading

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Ten Snacks I Might Send to School

One of the things that will be changing in three weeks when F goes to school is our eating habits. Although I sometimes give the children a snack after lunch we normally just eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. F’s school … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Year (Turning of Time)

Last year my mother called on my birthday (late August). “It’s the end of late summer.” she said ” I always think of that line when I think of your birthday.” And it is the end of late summer. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Maybe I’ve just got vacations on the brain since everyone is going out of town these days… I got to thinking about how much I’ve learned about traveling with children (preschoolers and babies in particular) and thought I post a … Continue reading

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Old and Decrepit!

This was the conversation at lunch today: Su: Mom, how many are you? (she means how old am I, one of her favorite questions) Me: 34 Su: Mom, you are old and decrepit! (wild giggling) Me: No I’m not. F … Continue reading

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What We Do on The Weekends…

Yesterday we went to Sam’s Club right at lunch time so I got the children hot dogs while S did the shopping. F was particularly pleased by the drink cups….           So today during naps he … Continue reading

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Why Create?

The other night I was speaking with a dear friend of mine about some of the the struggles that we have been going through personally and how those struggles are related to some of the things that frustrate us about … Continue reading

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Choir Vowels

My choir/singing friends will find this amusing: And the rest of you can just remember that children make some really strange connections…. The other day F asked me why I sang “Hosahnnah”? instead of “Hosanna” I demonstrated the difference and … Continue reading

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