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Just Relax (A Parenting Lesson Learned)

  I’m an uptight person. I like things to go according to schedule. I like plans to work out exactly. And I have five kids.   In my early parenting years, I was in a church situation and environment that … Continue reading

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Why We Can’t Live With Chaos

  The last week or so had been rough! Not only has Daisy turned into a major chaos maker, as she conquers the task of mobility, but our renovation project finished and I’ve been trying to put the basement back … Continue reading

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It’s Early Morning

It’s early morning here. Still dark out but everyone is up except Daisy. She woke earlier and nursed and bit me and went back to sleep. Thankfully we have a morning routine that allows the bouncy people to be bouncy … Continue reading

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Of Hectic Schedules, Activities, and Life in a Circus

Hmmph! Seems like a long time since I sat down to type here. Actually…it has been a long time…a couple of months at least and that last post was rather short. Life has been busy, no doubt (and more on … Continue reading

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A Long Lenten Healing

  Lent always makes me think of this boy and the Lent he spent in the Pediatric Acute Care Unit at UVA in Charlottesville, Virginia. He went into the hospital the Saturday before Ash Wednesday and came home on Palm … Continue reading

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Waiting For Obedience Before Moving On

One of the lessons that seems to be most difficult for my bigger children is understanding that they need to obey in the little things before we can move on to other (often good) things they feel like doing in … Continue reading

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Some Days Are Supposed To Be Tiring

Actually all the days are supposed to be tiring and some of them will be more tiring than others. One of those duh! realizations that hits you at 2:40 am when you’ve been trying to get back to sleep after … Continue reading

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A Word of Encouragement

Recently I had the opportunity to attend and participate in a “How To Get Started Homeschooling” workshop organized by my local support group. I was there to learn and make some connections but ended up being asked to sit on … Continue reading

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Showing Up

The other night I attended a Mom’s Night Out event sponsored by my local homeschool group. I went because having just moved to a new state and town I wanted to get to know some of the local homeschoolers (for … Continue reading

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Kind Is Just A Word

A friend of mine and I were at the playground and two of the children got into a spat. “She did this!” “He started it!” “It was her fault!” “Were you being kind?” I asked. “Yes!” they answered each caught … Continue reading

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