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Showing Up

The other night I attended a Mom’s Night Out event sponsored by my local homeschool group. I went because having just moved to a new state and town I wanted to get to know some of the local homeschoolers (for … Continue reading

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Kind Is Just A Word

A friend of mine and I were at the playground and two of the children got into a spat. “She did this!” “He started it!” “It was her fault!” “Were you being kind?” I asked. “Yes!” they answered each caught … Continue reading

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Talking with someone the other day and she asked me “Do you think you’ll have more children?” “Jack’s not a baby anymore.” I said. “But you’re so busy and the children are so wearying. Do you really think you should? … Continue reading

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(This post contains affiliate links) Funny how something I’ve been reading and something I hear can come together into a new set of thoughts and even the beginning inklings of an adjustment in direction. I recently finished Clay Clarkson’s Heartfelt … Continue reading

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Some Encouraging and Challenging Thoughts

I spent last weekend at a conference and this week has been spent in getting everyone back on schedule and trying to process all that I learned before it trickles out of my brain! I’ve had some thought provoking conversations … Continue reading

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A Sense of Place

The other night as I walked to choir practice in the evening, people in our neighborhood were out on the sidewalks,their porches and their porch roofs. It was the first evening when it was warm enough to be out in … Continue reading

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Always Winter

I am feeling rather Narnia-ish as I watch the snow begin to fall again. We live in the south, and snow in the last week of March (Holy Week no less!) is kind of nuts! Anyway that line about it … Continue reading

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Thirty Years Ago (Homeschooling in Virginia)

I was seven years old. My parents had just completed their first year of Homeschooling. I had done second grade via a correspondence course from A Beka Publications in Pensacola, FL ( and managed to almost fail because my handwriting … Continue reading

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Rainy Week

It’s been raining all week here. The yard is good and muddy (it’s impossible to grow grass in the back as high traffic as it is with three children running about, digging holes etc.). I put mulch and straw down … Continue reading

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Foggy Morning

Sitting here on a foggy morning, feeling more than a little foggy myself since Jack has an ear infection and has woken me between 4 and 5 am the past two days. He’s not uncheerful at that hour- I’m just … Continue reading

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