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Ten Ways to Feel Less Frazzled and Fried

Here lately it’s been very warm. Tempers have been short, and energy levels low. I’ve tended to do OK in the mornings but by around 4pm I’m looking longingly at the clock and thinking about bedtime! Here’s a few of … Continue reading

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Ten Chores For Preschoolers

Chores should be an important part of any preschooler’s life. As soon as they are old? enough to start cleaning up their toys and “helping” they need to be included in family chore time. It’s how they learn to be … Continue reading

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Help! My Fabric Is Taking Over!

As you can see the one thing I haven’t managed to organize in my latest round of de-cluttering and simplifying is my sewing stuff. I’ve cut back on the amount of fabric I keep around several times and have that … Continue reading

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Puttering Effectively

I am a confirmed putterer. I come by it honestly, I can point to both parents and grandparents who putter. For years I’ve tried to be one of those diligent people who work at something until it is finished, but … Continue reading

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Why Do I Love to Grocery Shop With My Children?

  First of all let me say that I am not a shopper. The thought of going to a store without a list and an efficiency plan is incomprehensible to me. S goes to stores and wanders about looking for … Continue reading

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The Power of Positive Thinking…

Yesterday was the last day of a long holiday weekend. We had gathered with friends and neighbors, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. The children had played and stayed up late and I could tell that F, who doesn’t really nap … Continue reading

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