Chaos and Refining

Last Sunday the Old Testament reading was the story of Noah. The reading ended with the rainbow and I noticed something I had never noticed before. Earth is created from Chaos and the Flood destroys is by restoring chaos everywhere except on the ark (the ark may have felt chaotic but I think it’s clear from the narrative that the selection of animals, people and food was deliberate and ordered). After the waters have receded, we read that God promised never to destroy the earth with a flood again. His judgment won’t come through a return to Chaos but through the refining/purifying action of fire.

I have been pondering this all week: If we are supposed to emulate God as image-bearers, by bringing order out of chaos, then what relationship should we have with His refining/purifying work?

We know that He is constantly refining us through the work of the Holy Spirit but in what way do we participate in that purifying?

I don’t know but I keep thinking about it.

Saints and Scripture Sunday

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4 Responses to Chaos and Refining

  1. Angie says:

    Excellent question. I suppose I’ve always just assumed our task was to prepare ourselves and our families and to assist in His refining and purifying work in that way. Maybe I need to re-think and expand that!

  2. This is certainly thought provoking — it makes me think of the chaos of today’s society — the breakdown of the family unit, the assault on marriage, the attacks on religious freedoms, etc.

    A refining fire makes things cleaner and new again — it may be painful and difficult, but so worth it in the end.

    Thanks for coming by and linking up today! So good to see you!

  3. K_Steinmann says:

    I guess I’m wondering about two things: What does a refined state look like(what are we refining for and how does that interact with our daily lives)?

    And if dross is being removed what is it being replaced with? I’m thinking here of such things as this: if we are refined away from being discouraging and unkind with our words, are we just saying less or is something replacing that dross?

    I feel often that as Christians we have a reputation for being against “good things” that aren’t necessarily godly things and we don’t see ourselves, nor do we show to the world the better than good that we have in Christ….K

  4. That is a wonderful point. Wow! I need to chew on this, too. Thank you so much for linking up! I know He uses pressures to “heat up our souls” so that He can move us to more dependence on Him, and in so doing, allows us to choose to let “impurities” fall away as we recognize our inability to make ourselves holy.

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