Choir Vowels

My choir/singing friends will find this amusing:

And the rest of you can just remember that children make some really strange connections….

The other day F asked me why I sang “Hosahnnah”? instead of “Hosanna” I demonstrated the difference and told him that when we sing we use “choir vowels”. He got that.

Last night S was singing to him at bed time and sang “Hosanna”.

F: No, Papa you have to use choir vowels. You sing “Hosahnnah”.

S: Oh Ok, (he went on to sing a hymn in which “been” is pronounced with the long e in order to complete the rhyme)

F: No, Papa it’s “bin”.

S: No, its “been” to make the rhyme work. It’s like choir vowels.

F: No, it isn’t it’s “bin”.

S: Why? (this is always a question to ask with some trepidation)

F: Because it’s Boy Scout Vowels. (probably said very reasonably with a little bit of “don’t you know that” thrown in).

Why Boy Scout?? I have no idea, except he’s rather obsessed with them at the moment for some reason which I don’t know as we don’t know any Boy Scouts.

I asked F about this today and he explained that the song with “Hosanna: was a choir song (it was a piece of service music that we use as a grace) but the other song was a hymn which isn’t choir music…….

Anyway I’m still cracking up over “Boy Scout vowels”…

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