Construction Truck Preschool: Backhoe with Pipe Printable


Once a bulldozer has leveled the site and the contractor has marked out the foundation the backhoe needs to come and dig the footers for the cement truck to pour cement into for the foundation. A backhoe may also be used to dig trenches and to lay pipes to bring water to the house.

This week’s project is a backhoe complete with a pipe and a trench to put it in.



One sheet each of yellow, brown and black construction paper

One sheet of cardstock

One drinking straw (preferably the kind that can be bent)

Three brads

This pattern Backhoe Printable (558 downloads)

Cut out pieces and assemble as shown in the picture below. Dirt can be cut from the brown paper and a short strip of paper is taped to the page for the drinking straw “pipe” to go into.

Backhoe and pipe project

Backhoe lifting pipe

Bull really enjoyed playing with this one. He spent a great deal of time inserting and removing the pipe, with appropriate noises and narrative.

Here’s a cab point view of excavation with a backhoe.

And a backhoe digging a foundation.

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