Construction Truck Preschool: Dump Truck and Printable

Paper Dump Truck

This week’s construction truck is a dump truck. Bull chose to make his truck purple since that is his favorite color.


1 sheet each of purple (or another color), black and brown construction paper

1 sheet of cardstock to glue the dump truck to

glue stick


4 or 5 brads ( depending on whether you put three or four wheels on the truck)

This pattern Dumptruck Printable (1561 downloads)

Cut out the pieces and glue and fasten them as shown in the pictured example. Use snippets of brown paper for dirt rather than rice or another three dimensional object as the bed of the truck will need to slide over the “dirt”. Cutting snippets is a good first cutting exercise for a preschooler.

Paper dump truck at rest

Paper dump truck dumping

Discuss the job of a dump truck at the site. Ask how last week’s bulldozer and dump truck can work together.

At toy picking up time give your child a dustpan (bulldozer blade) and a bin (dump truck) and allow him to demonstrate how the two trucks work together to make and haul away piles.

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