Creating: Downloads for Quiet Projects

Last week I talked about some of the important reasons to create quiet in our homes and this week I thought I would give you the opportunity to download some of the materials I use for one of our scheduled daily quiet times.

In the evenings after chores, baths etc. the children sit at the kitchen table and work on simple art projects. Sometimes they just color in a book, sometimes we do cutting and gluing or work on their Sunday School lesson for the next week. Often they use stencils to copy a drawing I have made and then color it.

Copying a drawing using stencil shapes teaches them how to look at something and break it down into its components. They also get a lot of fine motor skill building and practice listening to multi-step directions.

Here’s what you need in order to use these in your home:

  1. Print the Stencil patterns (there are three pages) on regular paper and glue them to cardstock, or stiff cardboard. Then cut them out. I have a set for each child and I keep them in quart ziplock bags in the quiet projects folder in the schoolroom.
  2. Print the master drawings and use them with the stencils to make your own “quiet projects”.

Here are the downloads: Enjoy!

Quiet Projects Stencil 1 (1176 downloads) Quiet Projects Stencil 2 (1119 downloads) Quiet Projects Stencil Pattern 3 (1160 downloads) Stencil Drawings (717 downloads)
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