Daily Chores Part 2

So what things are on my daily list of chores. Most of the first half hour or so of morning chore time is spent getting the children to do their stuff and teaching them how to do it.

Then I’m supposed to do my things. I try to keep it to two or three at each chore period. My patience for housework isn’t high and I’m often interrupted in the middle of something.

So my morning chores might look like this:

Sweep and/or mop

Run some laundry

Clean the kitchen

and then do one of the things from the list below:

Wash a few windows or fingermarks off of the wall

Clean out the fridge

Clean the bathroom


I used to try to do a thorough cleaning once a week but found that something always came up (did I mention I’d rather do anything but clean?). So far I’ve found this works better. A lot of things repeat during the week so if something really does come up I know I can get it the next time it comes round (this is the beauty of a routine) and not stress a whole lot.

The other thing that really helps: DO NOT TURN ON THE COMPUTER until chores are done. I try to get everything done, then sit down with a cup of coffee for 30 minutes or so and do computer stuff. When I stick to this things are so much better, but it is hard to stick too! Staying off of the phone helps too, so I sometimes turn off the ringer.

I really do like a clean, organized house, if it would only stay that way…. and I know that what the children see me do is what will inform their lives as adults. Still this is a hard thing for me, and I’d love to hear suggestions for getting everything done.

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