Discovering History With Notebooks Curriculum

What if a child’s study of History and Geography engaged all of his senses?

What if the beauty and wonder of the natural world drew him into the truth of human nature and Divine Providence?

What if at the end of each term he had a notebook filled with his own observations and narrations about what he had studied? And at the end of his school career these notebooks with maps and art, narrations and essays would provide ample evidence of how large a room his feet had been set in as an adult, serving as the foundation for a lifetime of observation, analysis, and ultimately wisdom as knowledge and understanding grow together.


Discovering History With Notebooks is such a program.

Designed for the homeschool, the hybrid school, or the traditional school the program begins with geography and the order of the natural world, then continues through the history of the United States, to the History of the World, before concluding in the high school years with the History of Philosophy and Theology.  At every level students keep notebooks of what they are learning, progressing from drawing and maps in the early years with oral narrations, transcribed occasionally by the parent or teacher (or printed if a voice to text option is available) to written narrations weekly and then daily, and then finally to weekly and daily essays in which historical and current events are analyzed and responded to in the light of the Gospel.

Discovering-History-With-Notebooks-Overview-by-Form-Only-1.pdf (146 downloads)