Easter 2013

On this rainy Easter morning, I step outside to move my seedlings to their spot on the front porch for the day. The rain is dripping down steadily and I breathe deep. This is a spring rain and I haven’t smelled this since last year.

Winter rain smells different. Old and stale, dirty somehow. Spring rain (even in the city) smells of green, growing things and a promise of new life, of garden plants and a harvest to come.

I’m glad to see the rain. Just this morning I told Buggle that we needed to sort out the soaker hose situation as the garden beds are getting too dry. Now I can put that off for another day or so,and concentrate on getting the house set back to rights and disinfected from our week long stomach bug. There is a mountain of laundry, and I really want to wipe everything down with some kind of soap or bleach! Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and I plan to open the windows, and air the place out!

We are all on the mend now I think. None of the children have fevers although they still have little appetite and are wiped out. S is sleeping now, he finally succumbed in the middle of the night, last night and I was sick last night too, and don’t have much energy although mentally I feel better than I have in days!

This is an odd Easter for us with this illness. Normally we would have been cooking for days and would be anticipating the arrival of a small crowd of friends this afternoon. Instead, I’m not even dressed yet, and if we eat anything besides rice and jello today I’ll be surprised!

Ah well, this too is a good day and we will rejoice and be glad in it!

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