Easter Preparation:Monday

Yesterday was snowy and muddy at the same time. The children went out for a bit but they got wet and then cold and came back in. I was tired and a bit cranky. Jack had gotten up at 5 am with a stinky diaper and I hadn’t slept that well anyway.

We did a little school. Officially we’re on Spring Break this week but there are a few things we didn’t finish last week that I’m trying to get done.

I finished up some sewing projects; a dress for Mouse, more bibs for the boys and my niece, and a new darker curtain for the boys’ room. Jack’s crib is right by the window and he’s been waking up in the night a fair bit. I suspect the streetlight out back is part of the problem (and he slept right through last night!).

I also did a little advance cooking for the week. More food for Jack (beef and greens), as well as a pound of beans (Great Northerns this week) to keep in the fridge.

Not much cleaning got done although we did do some tidying and Buggle cleaned all of the loose Legos off of his floor.

Off to choir practice in the evening, where I switched back to singing soprano. Mouse has started coming up with me to sing the anthem and she is definitely a soprano (right now anyway) so if she’s to learn the music I need to sing soprano with her.

It’s one of the things I love about our current church- we are able and encouraged to give of ‘time, talents, and treasure’ and no one is turned away with their offering!

Today I plan to clean the kitchen thoroughly and catch up on laundry. I have a tiny bit more to do on my sewing projects, but I’ll probably save that for this evening as S has a dinner meeting and will be in late. The weather seems to be improving so at the very least the children will be able to go out and ride bikes!

If I get enough done this morning I’ll spend some time writing this afternoon. That’s my reward for diligence!

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