Encouraging Children to Ask Questions?

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Some days the questions and speculations start before my first cup of tea!

Buggle seems to set himself engineering problems in his sleep and Bull is in the categorization phase and wants to know: ?Is it morning?? ?Is it a work day?? ?Is it a school day?? every morning. The questions continue all day:

?How do they make screen??
?What?s this word??
?How can I attach this car to these Legos??

Often they offer their own explanations which vary between quite accurate and hilarious. Sometimes I give an answer and find myself explaining supply and demand (?Why don?t some people have jobs??), the causes of war (?What?s that funny shovel?? a neighbor?s WWI trenching shovel replica) or the proper use of antibiotics (?Why does Jack get medicine for an ear infection but I don?t get medicine for a cold??).

Blogging over at the Home Educators Association of Virginia today

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