Evaluating The Past Year


Now that I?m home from convention and we have finished up our last few subjects my mind is turning to planning the new year and using all of the materials I purchased in June!

This is our fifth year of homeschooling and while on one hand I?m starting to feel like I finally have some sense of what I?m doing on the other hand I will be teaching three grades this year, plus some kind of ?tot school? for Jack! The third and fourth graders have enough of a foundation now that we can start to add in some additional subjects (Latin, Art, Bible) and I feel like I can also step the requirements in areas such as neatness and diligence up a notch!

Time to make sure I have the year well planned out before I forget all my neat ideas and the January doldrums hit! Blogging over at the Home Educators Association of Virginia today! Join me?

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