Finally! Nearing the End!

Spring has sprung right into summer here in New England! Freezing weather last week and now the children are running around barefoot.

Lessons are nearly over for the “school year” and most days somebody is finished with a subject or two until fall.
I’m in the thick of my yearly wrap-up proceedures- making notes, filing finished work, pulling together the report card I send to the city, and best of all planning what we will do this summer and next year.

I’m making lists of books I need to purchase and books I can probably borrow from the library. I’m trying to remember to update my various computer files so that the next time I need a list of memory work for a 3rd grader I won’t have to hunt down poems! I’m sorting through my bins in the basement to see what I want to sell or give away to make room for new materials, and I’m trying to figure out when I’m going to do some important stuff like uodate this blog!

At this point I think we will be done with everything but math (and reading for the little boys) by the end of next week. I plan to continue math through the summer anyway- the boys are all on a roll with it, so I want to keep that momentum and Mouse is a bit behind where I’d like her to be do to my not realizing that she needed some attention training until a couple of months ago (she can do the work without much trouble but has a hard time staying focused).

Jack and Bull will finish their reading curricula this summer too. Bull because he’s about done with 3rd grade and I don’t typically do a reading curriculum in 4th grade so I want him to be finished, and Jack because he’s just about to really hit the “I can read everything” point and I want him to get there before starting 2nd grade. At this point it’s just a matter of learning a few more blends and phonograms and practicing every day. Doing a lesson a day in his book will get us there so, why not?

I’m planning for my annual trip to Virginia and the Home Educator’s Association Convention?as well as speaking at the Connecticut Homeschool Convention?on the topic of Managing Behavioral and Relationship Challenges with Neurotypical and Non-neurotypical Siblings.

All in all it looks like an exciting? (and busy) summer!

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