First Days of Spring

The past several days have been pretty and warmish. Warm enough to tempt us all outside, even Jack got to play on the porch in the sun!

I’ve adjusted the schedule to make room-time later by two hours which gives the children a good chunk of outside time after lunch and is more reflective of Jack’s naptimes anyway.

Are they active during that time! I kept trying to get a picture of Mouse on her bike and kept just getting a blur!

Little boys enjoy the sun on the front porch. We barricade the steps with a piece of plywood and a C-clamp.

Bull is vastly amused by his little brother.

He practiced going in and out. Warm enough I had turned off the heat.

Mouse wanted me to get a picture of her riding her bike “really fast”

This was the best shot, the others were just blurs!

Jack thought the big children flashing by on their bikes was great!
He yelled and yelled “Ha! Ha!”

I took advantage of everyone being happily engaged to dig up the front garden!

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