First Snow

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Yup, just in time for W’s birthday next week we are predicted to have several snow falls. This is fitting since he was born after a day long struggle to get the van out of the lane at our old place during last year’s pre-Christmas snow.

We woke up to snow this morning and the two big children went out for about half an hour. Funny how it’s not that much warmer than last week when they refused to play outside because it was “too cold”. Snow apparently makes all the difference.

Of course F still thinks that the thing to do with snow is to clear it off of things. When he was 18 months old we had a snowfall to which his reaction was “Mess! mess!” and a complete refusal to go outside.

This year F and Su can both go out by themselves to play in the snow. Boy, do I miss having a woodstove on which to dry mittens etc……

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