Foggy Morning

Sitting here on a foggy morning, feeling more than a little foggy myself since Jack has an ear infection and has woken me between 4 and 5 am the past two days. He’s not uncheerful at that hour- I’m just not at all ready to be awake!

Ah, well there’s always tea and coffee.

This morning he charmed me by initiating peek-a-boo for the first time, pulling his blankie over his head then sliding it down to grin around his pacifier and say “Beouf, Beouf” ( a sound he uses to express pleasure that is somewhere between a hiss and the French word for beef!).

We played together for a bit before Bull came down to join us- wide awake 30 seconds after getting out of bed- with a big grin “I just woke up!”.

He is obsessed with pockets just now, so after I put on his hoodie we spent some time putting our hands into each other’s pockets (I have two on the front of my sleeping shirt).

One by one the others woke up and came down, S took over the keeping of children supplied with sippy cups of tea and Jack went back to sleep for a bit. He’ll stay home from church today with S, while I’ll take the big children as I have to teach Sunday School. Hopefully S and Jack will both get a nap this morning!

I love this quiet on Sunday morning. It is a quiet with anticipation- knowing that Papa will make pancakes for breakfast and that later we will go to church, come home, eat lunch and take naps. A day of quiet that resets us for the week ahead is a great blessing.

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