Garden Update: End of May 2011

In February I posted about how I was planning to build a raised bed in the backyard. I filled it with a combination of aged horse manure and fresh wood chips. I was walking down the alley one day and saw some guys doing tree work, and got them to come dump their chips in our parking space. I’ve added lime and a good bit of high nitrogen fertilizer since the manure was fairly nitrogen low and wood chips added more carbon than nitrogen as well.? In addition I’ve gotten donations of leaves from one friend and the neighbor threw all of their grass clippings over the fence into the garden for mulch. Now one of our new neighbors (we have students next door) has a rabbit so I’ll be getting rabbit manure (an excellent source of nitrogen) to add as well.

I really love this raised bed garden. For one thing it’s right by the door and I walk by it several times a day and can easily pull a few weeds (and there aren’t many) every time I pass by. This garden gets a lot more of my regular attention than our old larger garden did and it shows.

Radishes: White Icicle, French Breakfast and Scarlet Globe

Kohlrabi-anyone got a good recipe for it?


Cabbage, Spinach and other greens!

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