Geography Study: Week 1

This summer we’re studying the 50 states using the United States Coloring Book from Rod and Staff Publishers and a couple of workbooks (one first grade level for Su and a second grade level one for F) I picked up at Target. We’re also using a sticker map of the United States that I picked up at the recent Virginia Homeschool Convention.

Su's Geography Books

We learn two states per day, with Fridays for review.

First we look at the map for that state in the coloring book:

F's map of Connecticut, we mark the rivers and the capital and discuss some of the features and products.

She is more interested in the state bird, flower etc. than in products and features so I concentrate on that with her.

Each state also has a picture of some activity or geography typical of the state. Sometimes we color these during school and sometimes they color them in the evening while I’m making dinner and everyone is supposed to do a quiet activity.

Here are the pictures they colored for Connecticut:

I've recently graduated them to colored pencils instead of crayons and F's coloring has improved quite a bit.

One of the places where the year between them shows. Su is just not at the same place with eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills. She is also in too much of a hurry to completely color a picture most of the time.

We also do the section for that state in the little workbooks from Target on most days. I got those just for fun so if we miss them I don’t really care.

Finally we go to the sticker map and review, then place the new states on the map. Here’s yesterday’s map work.

We will often review throughout the day. I will ask them the names of the states and capitals when we sit down to meals, for instance, since the map is on the dining room wall by my chair.

This study is supposed to take about six weeks and result in them knowing the states and capitals. Check back next week to see how we’re doing….

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  1. Kendra says:

    Ha! I had that R&S coloring book when I was little — from my favorite infamous uncle. (grins) Being the angelic child I was, I transformed most of the people into clowns! But we won’t mention that to your offspring.

  2. Kendra says:

    ps. Sorry about your cold… :/

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