Getting Ready

Not that you could tell by looking at my bedroom- but I have spent a good deal of time planning and organizing this past week. S has been home and we’ve been trying to finish up some of those projects that have been looming over our heads all year.

It seems like every year as December ends I get this urge to tidy up, to renew and to restore our spaces. Every year I throw away or recycle vast quantities of paper, go through books and decide what we don’t need any more, organize the freezers, sort the childrens’ clothes (yes, F has all new pants now as all of the pants that fit in September are at least an inch too short!).

I’ve been thinking about our schedule, about school, about the garden and about how to arrange the bedrooms and the car when the baby comes in May! My brain is a-fever of thoughts about how to improve on things in 2012.

What should my goals for the children be? Where to concentrate my training efforts? Where should I encourage strengths? What giftings am I beginning to see and how do I assist in their development?

What am I focusing on personally in the new year? Spiritually?

I have this sense every year that it’s time to “clear the decks” to make things ready for a good start to the new year and all of the promise it holds. Planning, thinking, and praying occupy these days as I seek to know how to begin 2012 and discern the path I should walk in the new year.

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2 Responses to Getting Ready

  1. One of my goals for 2012 is to organize, but I read somewhere: “You can’t organize clutter,” so my first step is definitely getting rid of a bunch o’ stuff!

  2. K_Steinmann says:

    I find that de-cluttering and organizing happen simultaneously. As I look for homes for things I find that there are many things we don’t need anymore. Those things then get removed. One of the hardest ones is deciding how much schoolwork to keep for each year and each child- with homeschooling and with children moving ahead so quickly I want to have a good portfolio in case I’m ever challenged on their placement, but I don’t want to keep every paper…K

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