Handwork: C is for Carrot

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This was a relatively easy project aside from my hand getting sore from the hole punch!


one sheet of orange felt

green or orange yarn (I used green so our carrots could have tops.)


hole punch

large eyed blunt needle (or wrap some clear tape around the end of your piece of yarn to make it stiff enough to thread through the holes)

marker or pencil


Difficulty level: Easy- the five and six year old did it pretty much on their own with instructions and my threading the needle. The four year old needed me to help him keep things lined up.

This one is so simple I don’t even think you need a pattern.

The basic shape is a triangle. Draw it directly on the felt. Make the base four inches long, then make a mark in the middle of the base line. Make another dot about six inches from the base line and in line with the midway point you just marked. Draw one line connecting that dot to the left side of the baseline and one line connecting the dot to the right side of the baseline.

Cut out this triangle and using your hole punch put holes all the way around the edge of the triangle. They should be 3/4 of an inch apart but as long as they are basically evenly space you will be fine.



Fold the triangle in half length wise and lace it together with the yarn. We went through each pair of holes twice to give a bit more durability. ?When you get to the top corner lace as before but instead of pulling the stitches tight leave them loose. I did this by holding my finger about an inch from the top of the carrot and looping the yarn around it.

Sew to the edge, make a knot and remove your needle. Tie the looped stitched together to form “carrot tops”.



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