Have Circus Will Travel (all the way to Virginia for the HEAV Convention ) Family Pass Giveaway

wpid-20160203_174147.jpgThese days the circus looks something like this!

Three year olds can be talked into pretty much anything… especially if it’s mom doing the persuading! I am SO?saving this picture for his wedding rehearsal dinner!

This guy is nearly four ?(just three more weeks) and he REALLY, REALLY wants to learn how to read. I have promised him that I will buy his books for learning to read at Convention this year. He is so excited!


Last year he did a lot of this during the convention, which was a good thing since I had a newborn and was spending most of my time at the Special Needs Table in the lobby. ?I’m not quite sure what he’ll be like this year….and that newborn has turned into a super active toddler.

I’ll still be at the Special Needs Table and I have a few plans to help everyone be happy!

1. Pack plenty of special snacks etc. for both of them- having plenty to nibble on during the day really helps and special things that “we only eat at Convention” make the whole thing feel like a celebration!

2. Bring some familiar toys along- ?there’s a little space behind the Special Needs Table where they can play so bringing some things from home will make it feel familiar.

3. Plan to buy hands on stuff for school and let them play with some of it at convention.

4. Take regular breaks to run in the upstairs hallway (there are a couple of good spots near the “Mom’s Room”) or go into the exhibit hall to play in the Lego pit.

5. Babywear whichever child that needs it! Both the preschooler and the toddler love to ride on my back and with a good carrier that’s a totally feasible thing.

6. Plenty of time in local parks, running and playing in the summer evenings.


More ideas on taking little children to the HEAV Convention


Remember it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!

As I always do I’m giving away a Family Pass to the HEAV Convention in June. Enter by commenting on this post, and other posts throughout the week. You can enter each day and on Friday, April ?22, ?Jack or Daisy will draw a name out of a hat and reveal the winner!

Today’s Comment Topic is:?Are you bringing your little children to convention with you? How do you plan to give them a happy weekend?

Good Luck!





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