Heard Around Here 2

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Su and F discussing breakfast foods:

Su: When I’m big I’m going to have three eggs and one piece of toast for breakfast every day. (Note: I eat two soft boiled eggs every morning during tea time)

F (incredulously): No pancakes?

Su: No, I’ll need to eat a quick breakfast so I can go work on arms and legs.

Me: private giggle over the fact that even her future breakfast choices are subject to her chosen profession.


W loves the organ at church…

W: says something of which the only word I hear clearly is organ

Me: Are you going to play the organ like Mr. Nick?

W (with a ‘surely you know this tone’): Not yet. I need lessons.

General parental laughter follows.


F in his room singing during nap-time:

“I’ll never grow up, never grow up…I’ll be five years old for three and a half years!”

I love the precision…

Went to the playground for a couple of hours and when we climbed into the hot car, I turned on the AC and said something like “Blow this hot are out of here!”

Su: “How does the air conditioner cool the air?”

Me: “I’ll give you a better explanation some other time, but basically there are coils in there with a gas in them like on the back of the fridge. The hot air blows across them and they cool the air.”

F: “What’s the gas called?”

Me:” They used to use freon but now they use R34.”

F: ” Oh yeah, the freon was using up the air so the sun would burn things.”

Me:” Where’d you learn that?”

F: “Papa told me a long time ago.”

I checked with S later and he had mentioned it in passing while drawing a diagram of how a refrigerator worked several months ago. Elephant’s Child!

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