Heard Around Here II

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Bull likes to come downstairs in the morning and snuggle whoever is down here (usually S but sometimes me).

This morning when he came down his diaper was very wet so I changed him.

B: Mama, I loves oo, oo make me happy.

Me: I loves you too, Bull, you make me happy.

B: Oo are a dood Mama, I like oo.

Me: Why am I a good Mama?

B: Betuz, oo love God, Why do oo love God?

Me: The Scripture says we love God because he first loved us.

B: God is all around us

(I’m not sure what the last sentence had to do with the rest, but he was satisfied)


Me: Bull, I love you seventy times.

Bull: And I love oo three times, I used to love you two times but now I am a three year old. When I’m a four year old I will love you four times.


At the dinner table:

F: How many rolls are there?

Me: There’s one for everyone.

F: (thinks for a bit) If we had two more rolls than you and Papa could each have another quarter and each of the big children could have another half. That would be two quarters and three halves.

(I was impressed because the only fraction work we’ve done is dividing things into quarters, halves and thirds. He has seen us combine fractions when cooking but I was not aware he understood what we were doing.)


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