Heritage of Trust

A couple of weeks ago I was at my middle sister’s place and we were talking about children, and changes in our lives, and she said something about trusting God that grabbed my attention. I don’t actually remember what she said (something about God’s leading and when you are sure that what you are doing is what He has led you to, then you have to trust His Grace for Provision to fulfill that leading). What struck me is how often my four siblings and I say things like that and how convinced we are of God’s guiding hand and His trustworthiness.

I was discussing it with S last night and he said “It’s not like your lives were easy.”

“No, ” I replied, “but God was always part of the narrative, both when there was a difficulty and later when my parents told others the story. It was never ‘We were down to the last meal in the house and then the neighbor had fish he couldn’t sell and gave us some.’ It was ‘We were down to the last meal in the house, and God provided for us. The neighbor had caught more fish than he could sell, and we all got together to help freeze them and he gave us some.'”

The interesting thing is- although I have heard my mother in particular talk about how she struggled to trust during that time in our lives, I don’t remember that at all. Maybe it is just that I was 5 years old and I didn’t notice but I think it was more than that. I think God in His grace kept me from noticing. I do remember Mom playing this song about the children of Israel in the wilderness over and over again, but I don’t remember her complaining or murmuring.

I know it was hard for my parents, but the heritage that we have and in turn are striving to pass on to our children of God’s absolute love and faithfulness is in itself a powerful testimony to that faithfulness and a great encouragement.

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  1. Wow! Kyndra, this is SO precious. You DO have an incredible heritage of Faith. You have seen, first hand, God’s immediate, personalized provision, provided in such a way that you KNOW He is in control. You KNOW He is Able! When I think of your precious, beautiful children growing up in this context, with the two of you intentionally speaking these blessing of your heritage over them, it is so exciting!! Thank you for linking up!!!!! 🙂 Still praying!

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