Invitations to Play and Learn: Exploring the Circle


Several years ago someone gave me several dozen semi-rigid plastic circles. I’ve hung onto them through moves and downsizing because they were odd and seemed like I could surely do something with them!

Today I am happy to say I’ve found at least one use!

Circle exploration!

Such a simple thing- just trace a circle or circles onto a piece of paper and color as you please.

The way you color the circles determines the effect they have. Progress from dark to light as you go in and you get one effect.

Go the other way and it looks quite different.

The plastic is stiff enough and thick enough it is easy for even a young child to trace. Other materials that would work similarly would be the thick cardboard from a stiff backed legal pad, or other heavy weight cardstock.

For these explorations I typically provide a sample and then make the materials available.

So sample:



And Bull’s version



The dots and dashes in the middle are intended to be snowflakes.


The making went on for several days, primarily by the little boys and Mouse.






Then interests shifted from art to building and the project table became a construction site!

But that’s ok too. I like having that space as a place to use for a variety of pursuits. Sometime soon I’ll clear the bulletin board and put up a different provocation.

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