It’s Been A Busy Week!

Just a few highlights before I head out the door to get Buggle a haircut! The other boys I’ll do myself but his hair is so thick and curly!


  • We’re getting ready for our annual Christmas Feast and I’m so thankful we have people to invite. Even one former across the street neighbor from Virginia! S found a local smokehouse on Friday and purchased a really lovely ham! We’re still finalizing the rest of the details, but cooking will definitely be a priority the next few days.
  • Along with cooking comes cleaning. Some serious housework was badly overdue. I’ve been dealing with a sinus thing for about a month and finally decided it was bad enough that I should see a doctor … (the point of decision was my telling the children “my head feels like it’s about to fall off” and Jack responding, “I’ll put it back on for you!”). Just 24 hours worth of antibiotics later and I feel better than I have in over a month! Probably should have gone sooner…


  • Anyway, cleaning….laundry…reorganizing the living room, removing all of the stuff that had ended up on the bookshelves that didn’t belong on the bookshelves! Sorting out too small clothes….I’m about done with the main floor, need to hit the bedrooms on Monday, but they are basically tidy and may or may not tackle the basement (schoolroom, laundry etc.). If it doesn’t happen this week, I’ll get it next week.
  • Starting to make lists for 2015, thinking about how our life has shaped in this first year in New England (last year at this time I was packing to move!) and thinking about what changes should be made to improve things now that we’re fairly settled in. Also thinking about what I want to work on with the children before Steinmann 5 makes his or her arrival in May! Potty train Jack? Change household job assignments?


  • Thinking about making some changes to schoolwork- nothing major just some things to strengthen some weak places that have become obvious over the fall….I want to start doing a bit more formal learning with Jack. He’s such a sponge these days and so eager that I want to capture some of that enthusiasm and get him started learning how to formally learn.
  • Bull turns five on Monday and he is so excited! So sure that he will finally be one of the big kids! He’s been counting down to his birthday for months and started telling perfect strangers that he would be five in December back in September! We’re planning a little playdate with friends and then a family party that will combine his birthday with putting up our Christmas tree.


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